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All June 24th Games Have Been Cancelled Due to Excessive Heat & Poor Air Quality
- Due to the 6/8 rainouts, the Weekday schedule has been updated with the rescheduled dates.

- Three All-Star games are scheduled to be played on July 6th.

- The meeting minutes for 4/29 and 5/10 have now been posted. Click on League Info ---> Meeting Minutes

Slow-Pitch Hitting Tips: Arm Extension

Here is a video shown in slow-motion, how to get wrist snap and arm extension into your bat swing

Click "More" for an enlarged video size.

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If you have softball equipment that you would like to sell, send an email to with the details and how you'd like to be contacted.

During the Saturday sign-up practices, a table will be setup for the purpose of displaying used equipment you may have to sell. Bring the equipment you'd like to sell, label it with your name, contact number and price.

Batting Tips

May 1, 2011

By Art Eversole

What makes the game of slow-pitch softball so much fun...


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